Features and Updates – Introducing The Latest HandyTrain LMS

New feature updates in best LMS of India

HandyTrain LMS Latest Release – Discover What’s New

Your favourite mobile learning management system has now released a host of nifty features!

Here are the features and improvements that are now available in your HandyTrain platform:

1. Polls and Surveys

Building engagement in the work place is integral to organisational success. This is a whole new feature block that marks the advent of another employee engagement feature by HandyTrain. You can now create and distribute quick polls for engaging the employees or serious surveys to understand pretty much anything from them.

HandyTrain New Features - 2018

How Polls and Surveys will Help You

Mobile training is usually a new initiative for most of us, and no one can truly predict how the learners are going to adopt it.

“Knowledge of what learners like, what they don’t and how can you make learning better, is the cornerstone of a successful training initiative.”

Polls allow you to find out the pulse of the employees on any topic, ranging from a new HR policy to HandyTrain’s training initiative itself. This is designed to work at scale and you will find it very easy to capture thousands of responses in no time.

2. Tab Bar

Success of any app is in its simplicity and ease of use. In order to focus on its key promise of enabling learning and engagement, Handytrain has introduced a tab-bar in both Android and iOS apps. The tab bar is visible at the bottom of the home page and allows you to navigate to key feature blocks in a single tap. HandyTrain’s tab bar leads to following features –

  1. Learn – the list of programs or program groups
  2. Feedback – the list of polls and surveys
  3. Chatbox – the list of chat messages the learner has received
  4. Profile – learner’s own profile

3. Linear Locking of Modules

Modules lock-flow has been simplified and reduced to a single click (yay!).

linear locking of modules

The admins no longer need to click each module to lock them and click another module to unlock them. Instead, they need to click on the “Linear Lock” option and confirm. All the modules will get locked and will unlock only of the previous module is completed. The image above shows how it looks like.

4. Certificates – Made Obvious And Simplified

We have made it obvious in the apps for the learners to know which programs contain certificates. Now the learners will already know which programs have certificates in them, can “claim” the certificates and earn them – very much like they claim other rewards in a module.

Additionally, certificates have also been moved up in importance – you can get only one certificate within a program, and only upon successful training completion of it i.e. after reading all modules and passing all assessments.

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