How Employees used the Lockdown to train themselves to grow professionally in their careers

Times drastically changed, with the heavily imposed lockdown, companies needed to shift their mode of operations and had to adapt to new ways of working. Working remotely from home was the new norm followed by most companies. Every small and medium enterprise, established organization, or start-up wanted to continue their business operations.  The situation emanated into times of uncertainty, employees were gradually getting accustomed to changing working environments and there was growing uncertainty on the road ahead.

The changed ambiance was rather perceived as an opportunity by organizations.  Companies wanted to utilize this time in investing in their employees. A handful of companies wanted to use this chance to enhance their workforce by imparting training that upskills their existing skills, improvises their management skills, and work collaboratively as a team.

Mobile LMS – The Solution for the Scenario

Mobile Training Apps was the go-to solution considering the times’ businesses were struggling to thrive. The flexible, interactive, and quick learning attributes made it ideal for companies to rely on mobile apps for training purposes. Let’s understand more reasons why companies relied on Mobile Training Apps to keep their employees on the go.

Mobile Learning Programs are better for upskilling

A majority of the companies deployed their training programs on Mobile Applications. The programs were fine-tuned to deliver content that helps in enhancing the skills of the employees. Employees could get certified, improve their existing skill set which could have a positive long-term impact on their careers.

Mobile Learning Apps are Ideal for customizable content

Companies often need to consider the emotional skill set of their employees. How well do they negotiate deals? How well do they make a sales pitch? How effective they are in communicating and collaborating with their clients and seniors? All these questions need to be addressed and for that, every company needs to convey their work cultures, ethics, morals, objectives, and soft skills in an effective manner. Mobile Training Apps completely give organizations the freedom to frame their true content. By providing customized and digital experiences to the workforce across different verticals, organizations availed the benefits of mobile training and imparted skills that were meant for the betterment and welfare of the organization.

The Bottom Line

The lockdown indeed had its fair share of downsides but the positive side of it was the manner in which companies used this opportunity to train their employees. In times of uncertainty, it is always better to keep the employees motivated and engaged by introducing them to a variety of mobile training programs. 

Employees reaped the benefits of mobile training during the lockdown. They upskilled themselves, honed their emotional skills, understood the organization’s policies better, and participated in meaningful interactions with their trainers. Summing up, it was a win-win situation for companies in utilizing mobile apps for training their employees during the lockdown.