How is Gamification beneficial in Corporate Training?

The term ‘Gamification’ is not unheard of in the technology world. Most major brands across the globe use some form of gamification to keep incentivizing their customers to keep coming back to them for their products and services. That being said, gamification also has major application in the corporate world, especially when it’s being used for training purposes. Let’s look at the top 5 benefits of using gamification in corporate training apps.

How does gamification benefit learners in corporate training?

Imagine a group of people playing a team sport like football or basketball. Both are simple and fun to play, a great past-time, and have one major motivator – scoring a goal or a basket with the strong desire to win. Yes, people may also play for fun’s sake but if there’s no competitive spirit, they will probably feel like there’s no point in doing it.

But if you take this same motivator, implement it in learning, through gamification, learners are definitely going to get something real out of their training. They’ll be engaged, change their perceptions and attitudes and develop skills using this method of learning.

What are the Benefits of Gamification in Corporate Training?

Learning becomes more fun and interactive

When it comes to corporate training, the content is often overwhelming and cumbersome. There’s a solution, though. Take that same content and turn it into something exciting, educational, and entertaining, using gamification elements such as rewards, coins, and badges. These kinds of elements offer motivation to learners who see something that they need to win.

Ultimately, gamification doesn’t just make the learning experience fun but also results in the learner actually learning what he or she needs to.

It creates a thirst for learning

One of the most important aims of corporate training is to make sure that learners gain knowledge. But how do you know if that knowledge is actually being retained?

We know gamification creates and encourages competition. Training content that uses gamified interactivity that results in a win ensures that the learner will make more of an effort to retain information. Most people are keen on learning new things. When given an incentive to do so, their learning experience tends to be more pleasant and increases the need to learn more.

It has real-world applications

Gamification uses some kind of simulation, with rewards and incentives, to help learners gain and retain knowledge. These simulations often have real-world applications. Learners may be given practical situations through these simulations, which may or may not be related to their jobs, to work out. Through the use of other interactive elements in gamification, they will need to apply their brains to come up with solutions to problems. They will also learn how to apply these solutions to problems they may be facing on the job.

In the end, they will be able to see whether the choices they make within the simulation have positive or negative outcomes.

You get real-time feedback

Corporate training requires feedback on a regular basis. as learners go through programs that use gamification, they work towards real-time, quantifiable, and relevant targets. Based on this, they can also see how much knowledge they have gained from the time they began their corporate training journey. Additionally, their employers will be able to give them feedback which they can then utilize to upskill or reskill themselves.

It offers an enhanced learning experience

Corporate training is not easy to follow. The HR department and management have a lot of training material that the employees need to go through. It’s time-consuming and often a mind-blur. Gamification cuts through all of this to ensure that learners get the most out of their training. It offers an informal learning environment that helps put the learners at ease, effectively ensuring that they learn what they need to.

The entire experience is also fun but instills some healthy competition, as well as teamwork, between colleagues. Lastly, everyone wants to win and get rewards and badges, and prizes, which complete the experience.


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