What kind of edge does Mobile Learning give Banking Professionals?

mobile learning for banking industry

Banks are often at the forefront of technological innovation, which is why it should come as no surprise that they have been pioneers in mobile learning. Mobile learning plays a critical role for banks and financial service providers by ensuring feet-on-street employees have regular training in sales and products. It helps banks to keep delivering the highest quality of customer service and expertise it takes to attract and retain customers.

How Mobile Learning gives Bankers an Edge

Mobile learning is not just for frontline staff – mobile technology can help train executives too. A mobile learning app can offer them quick burst training sessions in sales techniques or product knowledge before an important meeting with clients.

Bank employees also need to stay updated on the latest nuanced regulatory compliance directives to ensure they minimize the risk of legal action and penalties and safeguard the reputation of the bank.

So let’s look at how mobile learning has been adapted to provide mobile training for banking professionals by leveraging mobile apps that complement effective mobile learning strategies.

Mobile learning can help Bank Employees retain large amounts of information

Bank employees need to know about the latest sales techniques and products. This is necessary in order to give them a competitive edge over their rivals. However, there’s a lot of information to sort through creating a major challenge to remember every little detail. A mobile learning app can solve this problem with ease. Creating training content in bite-sized pieces and putting it in different modules makes it easier to read and retain easily. It also plays an important role for banks by ensuring feet-on-street employees have regular training in sales and products. Ultimately, it also gives them a boost in confidence when they have to pitch the banks’ products to the customers.

Creating refresher training courses is easy

The banking and financial services industry is built upon certain basic concepts. However, we already know, it’s an industry that continues to evolve and that there is always new information available. This means there is a real need to hold refresher training sessions. It’s simple to do this. Collect the required training material, upload it and assign it to whichever employees require the training. The convenient part is that they can access it from anywhere and do it whenever they want.

Mandatory Compliance Training Requirements can be met immediately

Mobile learning in the banking and financial services industry can also be used to deliver compliance and regulatory update training. This kind of training includes the latest mobile data security guidelines, as well as mobile banking regulations as applicable. Compliance training is especially mandatory for employees who interact with customers or handle large volumes of transactions.

Bank employees also need to go through other mandatory compliance training programs. Some of these include Prevention of Sexual Harassment (POSH), Anti-Money Laundering (AML), Know Your Customer (KYC), the company’s Code of Conduct, and more. All these programs are completely necessary in order to make work run smoothly.

The importance of a Mobile Learning solution

All this information can be delivered through training modules on a mobile learning app. When done properly, it gives the bank employees the means to be prepared for phone calls from customers who may have questions about the products and services that they offer.


Given the nature of the banking and financial services industry, traditional training methods don’t work. Advances in technology, the kinds of products and services as well as changes to compliance information make it so. Therefore, it’s simply easier and better to train employees via a mobile learning app and ensure that they don’t miss out on anything.

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