3 things to remember when creating a great employee onboarding program

essential employee onboarding

When it comes to employee onboarding, employee engagement is key. A new employee has no idea of what their role will entail or how they are supposed to get it done unless they have the right training and guidance. Therefore you need to ensure that you work hard at creating training programs that will leave an impact on employees.

Let’s find out how you can create an effective employee onboarding program that’s memorable, collaborative, cooperative, and focused on making an impact on business.

Why aren’t employee onboarding programs given more importance?

Most organizations have standard training programs. Some may send you an email attachment with all the information you need to know. Others may have a standard company introduction video that they send out. However, more often than not, the information hasn’t been updated for a number of reasons. It’s flat, boring, and not at all engaging. Even worse, it’s not revamped because they don’t see it as important. So how do you change this?

1. Use the right tools and resources to make it memorable

How can you create a memorable employee onboarding program? It’s important to create the employee onboarding program in such a way that your employees will remember what is expected of them and their role within the company.

One easy way to do this is to create an employee onboarding program that is mobile-friendly. Employees need to be able to use their phones and tablets in order to gain access to employee onboarding materials. This allows them to learn at their own pace, while on the go instead of only when they are at home or in an office environment. Using a lot of visual aids in the form of images attached to the text information goes a long way in helping with engagement. So do shorter videos or even interactive videos. Ultimately, the right tools and resources can help tell an enthralling story about what the organization stands for.

2. Make it a collaborative effort

Another way an employee onboarding program can become memorable is by making the whole experience a team effort. Ask existing employees to share their unique experiences with the program with HR and the L&D teams. Or they could give their input on how certain modules can quickly and easily be completed. In doing so, you give employees a chance to choose what kind of training content they can best benefit from. Even better, they get to identify where the gaps in their knowledge need to be filled. From here, the experts can take over and create the right kind of employee onboarding program. This kind of collaborative learning can pave the way for more feedback, conversations, and iteration.

3. Focus on making an impact on business

Training employees is mandatory. It’s unavoidable and must be implemented from day one. For a start, if you create a truly engaging employee onboarding program, it will only benefit your employees and your business. When you invest in your staff, you can drive down costs to your business and help increase sales and profits. Do your homework before creating such programs for new hires. After all, each one’s job is not the same and therefore they need to have the right kind of knowledge to be successful, productive and efficient at their jobs.


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