4 ways to use mobile microlearning to train seasonal employees

mobile microlearning for seasonal employees

The last two years have shown how important it is to constantly train employees, whether they are corporate or frontline workers. Corporate employees tend to have more steady, 9-5 jobs and undergo training on a more or less regular basis. However, a lot of frontline workers are often seasonal workers and therefore, need a lot more training really quickly if they are going to be able to offer the best quality of service to customers. The trouble is, it’s impossible to train them quickly if you have a ton of training content but no way to deploy it properly. Additionally, they may not feel like part of the team given their seasonal status. That’s where mobile microlearning can help solve the problem.

Even if some employees are seasonal or holiday hires (as they are also referred to), training them is worth it. That way, if you eventually decide to keep them on, they’ll only need refresher training since they already have foundational knowledge from earlier training sessions. With the festive season less than a month away, more retail organizations would be looking at hiring people to fill in the gaps. So here are a few ways to use mobile microlearning to train seasonal employees without missing a beat.

Make your training content mobile-friendly

Let’s face it, it’s difficult to go through tons of training content when you already have work to do. Seasonal employees really don’t have time to attend training sessions. So how do you combat this problem? It’s simple really. Make the content accessible via a smartphone or tablet. Alternatively, they can access it on a desktop or laptop but neither is practical if they are going to train while on the go. Besides, today, everyone has a smartphone and they prefer using theirs to access all kinds of information. It also becomes easy to update them via notifications and alerts when there is new training content available.

Have your mobile microlearning content ready to go

When you plan to hire seasonal workers, you might not need them to know everything about the job or the business from scratch. Since they will possibly just be with you for the short term, you only need to train them on specific topics.
With mobile microlearning, all you really need is an app and for these seasonal employees to download the same. You can then upload training content in the form of short videos or swipeable flashcards which they can go through in their own time. Of course, you will have to put a deadline by which to complete the mobile microlearning course so that they aren’t clueless on what they have to do when they do join and start working.

Short and engaging training works best

Seasonal employees are only usually around for a few months. For example, in the retail industry, some stores may only hire extra staff during Ganesh Chaturti, Diwali, or Christmas since this is when more people tend to shop. Therefore, employers need to make sure of two things. That these kinds of seasonal employees know what’s expected of them and train them so that they work efficiently to increase sales. However, you have to keep in mind that long and boring training sessions aren’t going to make this happen. You have to get innovative and use options like gamification and short interactive videos as part of your mobile microlearning content to hold their attention.

Rewards and recognition work well too!

Offering rewards or incentives are more than likely to get seasonal employees to complete their training faster. It gives them more reason to be efficient and productive at their jobs. Even more important? Seasonal employees come in during the busiest times of the year and work extra hard. Therefore they actually deserve to be offered the same consideration that is offered to permanent employees. When they complete a module or an entire training, offer them a small prize or perk to make them feel happy. Encouragement and praise for a job well done could also work wonders.

Remember to use mobile microlearning to train your seasonal employees

As we said, seasonal employees or holiday hires come in when things are hectic. Excess training isn’t going to make things any easier. That’s why mobile microlearning plays a positive role in training and getting the job done without any major problems.

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