Facing Training Challenges in the Telecom Industry head-on with Mobile Learning

mobile learning in the telecom industry

As we’ve said countless times before, training is something that is inevitable and unavoidable in every industry. No matter the industry, we’ve seen how beneficial training through e-learning methods has been and continues to be. The telecommunications industry is just one more industry that stands to gain by switching to mobile learning. There are a no. of challenges that have brought out a real need for this change. Let’s learn more by reading ahead.

Training challenges in the Telecommunications Industry that call for mobile learning

Almost every company in the telecom industry has thousands of employees. This usually proves to be a logistics nightmare when it comes to deploying training. The easiest solution to this is to train employees via mobile learning. But before doing that, let’s find out what these challenges are. Why do they highlight a need to get employees to train via mobile learning at the earliest?

1. Telecom companies undergo mergers and/ or acquisitions

Technology constantly undergoes changes and advancements. Telecom service providers have to prove themselves without missing a step. You’ll often hear about telecom companies either merging or acquiring other similar companies. When that happens, one of the first things to start doing is training employees on the new or additional products and services they will have to sell. In addition, there’s team expansion to consider. Teams are usually scattered all over the country and in some cases, the world, facing challenges such as locations, overlapping time zones, and even different cultures. This means that bringing everyone up-to-date more or less collectively will require an easier training method such as mobile learning via an app to meet company goals.

2. Customer turnover happens frequently

Customer turnover is one of the most worrisome challenges that every industry faces. Constant changes in products, services, and technologies mean that customers are always looking for something more superior than what they can currently find in the market. Therefore, there is a very real need to ensure that all employees have the latest information on whatever they need to sell to customers and are trained properly on the same. The only feasible solution when it comes to training them is to use mobile learning.

It’s easy to use, rapidly deployable and they will have the information they need, at the tips of their fingers. Additionally, you can also use mobile learning to train them on soft skills that will help them interact better with customers and maintain customer loyalty without any problem. Given the magnitude of training to be deployed, there will be a need to keep a check on what kind of training is required for each set of employees. The same training will not be applicable to all of them. It will also depend on the kind of interaction they have with customers as well as the products and services they are pitching. Mobile learning can be utilized to deploy all these kinds of training with great ease.

Upskilling needs to be constant

The telecom industry is global and there are new technologies and advancements in products along with new ways by which services may be offered. Employees in every telecom company need to stay up-to-date with all of this new information. Their communication skills must also be improved. Therefore, there is an urgent and constant need for training in new processes, policies, tools, tech, and soft skills. All this training needs to happen regularly. However, given that employees have heavy workloads and do not work under one roof or in the same location, it often poses a major challenge. That’s where mobile learning can assist in providing a solution.

All the management or concerned training department needs to do is create customized training programs that contain only the necessary content required and upload the same to a mobile learning app. They can then direct the employees to take up the training on their own time, with a deadline in place. They can even monitor the employee’s progress through the mobile learning app’s reporting system. In this way, they are able to upskill employees and also train them regularly at a fraction of the cost.

Training made easy with the HandyTrain Mobile Learning App

There are multiple benefits to using a mobile learning app to deploy necessary and mandatory training for employees. If you’re someone who works in the telecommunications industry, at a company whose employees require to undergo training but are facing multiple challenges, look no further. The HandyTrain mobile learning app can assist you and help solve your problems. Get online and check out our website for information on the various other industries we’ve helped up to now. For more information, simply email us at [email protected] or book a demo at the earliest.