HandyTrain Survey – Top 5 Reasons Why Companies Love Us

Why do companies love to train with HandyTrain?

In the last 10 months, HandyTrain’s user base has grown 20 times. For an early stage B2B product company, this kind of growth is a stupendous achievement.

Here are 5 reasons why customers love HandyTrain:

1. Delightful User Experience

User Experience

Whether you are a learner or an administrator, our intuitive interface and smart workflows guarantee an absolutely delightful user experience.

2. Zero Content Costs

Zero Content Cost

HandyTrain’s AI-aided authoring tool eliminates the dependencies on content vendors. L&D teams and SMEs can author the content themselves using AI-aided authoring tool. This dramatically reduces the cost and time to go-live.

3. In the Job Learning

Parallel Trainings Via HandyTrain

Provide employees the right information at the right time in a way that really sticks. It’s personalised, bite-sized, fun and engaging. The effectiveness of the training goes several notch up after they adopt HandyTrain as a tool of their choice.

4. High Adoption Rate

High Adoption Rate via HandyTrain

Learners LOVE to play around with HandyTrain, learn in the process, and earn coins, gems and certificates to flaunt around with. The average session times on HandyTrain rival mainstream multimedia entertainment apps.

5. Effective Impact Measurement

Measure Impact via HandyTrain

Finally, as a few training programs are in progress, you can run Assessments, Polls & Surveys and start Skill Rating Drives to measure real impact of training. Improve ROI of training like never before.