HandyTrain is a mobile platform that lets companies anywhere in the world create and deploy programs to train from
50 to 25,000 people.

HandyTrain is a mobile platform that lets companies—anywhere in the world—create and deploy programs to train from
50 to 25,000 people.

Success Studies

Know Your

for Kotak Bank

When a bank offers multiple kinds of Savings accounts, even for sales executives get confused. HandyTrain offered a solution that deconstructed detailed documents into beautifully designed and easily consumable visual content.

Success Studies

Sales Executives trained in 21 days

Hometown, a Future Enterprises company, found it challenging to train their 1,000+ sales executives on the entire product range of 1,000+ products…

Success Studies

Drivers evaluated
through a
multilingual app

While Uber had training centers to train drivers, they didn’t have a way to know if drivers actually understood the training. HandyTrain allowed Uber to quickly assess—in multiple languages—their level of understanding. These statistics were displayed on a live dashboard and those who failed were re-trained.

Success Studies

Future Lifestyle Executives trained on 30+ brands

Future Lifestyle, a part of Future Group had 30+ brands and sub-brands. But the understanding of what each brand stands for was lacking among 3,000+ staff. HandyTrain created 30 modules, one for each brand to teach them about the differences in style, philosophy and audience class.

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Anubhab Bandyopadhyay

Head of Product

A Computer Science Engineer and an MBA in Marketing, Anubhab has over 5 years of experience in product management. He co-founded Clusto and Wydyl Technologies which gamified graduate level recruitment.


BS Nagesh

Nagesh is the Vice-Chairman (and former CEO) of Shopper's Stop. He’s the Founder of TRRAIN, India’s leading foundation for the retail industry and was inducted into the World Retail Hall of Fame in 2008. He has been a prominent and early investor in digital economy ventures.

Lumina Datamatics is a global solutions provider of content, technology and commerce.

SilverRange is a Private Investment entity based in Hong Kong.