HandyTrain in Best LMS’s in the World – Tracxn Report

HandyTrain ranked 3rd best

Best LMS in The World?

It was 8:30 am on a Monday morning – an ordinary day at HandyTrain. Our research executive, Akshay, was going through industry updates as usual when something caught his attention.

It was a Tracxn report on best LMS (Learning Management Systems) in the world !

While HandyTrain is typically a mobile based LMS, we have a built in mobile Content Management System, which make our product a subset of LMS. He wanted to know, who according to Tracxn, are the best in our industry.

The top 2 were well known companies, having raised $90 million and $21 million respectively. The third one left him flabbergasted. He rang me up immediately and said

according to Tracxn’s metrics, the 3rd best LMS in the world is HandyTrain !


How Did we Get Into The Top 3?

We sat down and started to dig in, in order to understand the basis of this report. How did we manage to make it in the list of the best LMS’s in the world? To be honest, we have seen unexpected successes in the past. The Best in Asia in employee engagement at ACEF-2016 was won by our client HomeTown who have extensively used HandyTrain for the same purpose. But nevertheless, we needed to know why. Specifically, because at HandyTrain, we have traditionally been media shy. We have maintained a low profile and focused extensively on improvising our mobile first LMS’s.  Most companies at our stage and degree of maturity try to get much more media attention than we have. We, on the other hand, have been trying to avoid media for the most part. Except for a few coverages in YourStory, The Ken and some more publications, we have had very few stories out.

We digged a little deeper to understand the basis of the rankings. Pretty soon, we understood the metrics and the reasons we were in this list.  We performed well on the following metrics:  the product UX and UI, ratings, downloads, and the growth rates of downloads. These metrics are exactly the ones we always hold sacrosanct. So it was quite pleasant to see an acknowledgement from a well respected third party.

As a small startup, it is exceptionally encouraging to see that your efforts are being noticed by the bigger world out there.

Are We Happy?

One can bet that we are not even close to being happy. Our goal is pretty clear – a complete disruption on the Learning and Training sector. It’s a long road, and while acknowledgements and awards make one happy, they are not the destination. So you can expect to see many more innovations from HandyTrain.

In case you are still using old methods to train your employees, you might be missing out on a lot. Do check us out.