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Built with real-world insights

HandyTrain has been built with insights from industry leaders responsible for driving training and productivity of field and retail staff using our LMS solution.

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Leadership teams endorse HandyTrain

CXOs understand the importance of an engaged workforce. HandyTrain's LMS app saves time and cuts cost, so you can focus on creating winning teams.

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  •  Lower training costs
  • Enablecontinuous learning
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You might ask

  • What is HandyTrain?

    HandyTrain is a mobile training solution that enables organisations to train, assess and engage their workforces - empowering them to achieve more.

  • Is HandyTrain cloud-based?

    Yes! HandyTrain is a cloud based LMS hosted on Amazon Web Services (AWS). It is secure, fast, and scalable.

  • How quickly can I deploy HandyTrain at my organization?

    You can have HandyTrain up and running in less than an hour!

  • How can I create content?

    Use our AI engine to transform your presentations and documents into editable cards in a few seconds! Creating your bespoke microlearning content on HandyTrain is as easy as writing an email.

    You can also pick, choose and buy from over 1,000 microlearning courses from HandyTrain’s partners.

  • Do you support SCORM?

    Yes! HandyTrain supports SCORM

  • Can I create quizzes and assessments?

    Yes! HandyTrain supports multiple assessment templates with a high degree of configurability for timing, randomization and scheduling.

  • Do you support gamification?

    Absolutely! Reward your learners with badges, and award customized certificates.

  • What is your pricing model like?

    HandyTrain’s pricing is based on the number of learners. With flexible pricing you’ll never pay for more than you need.


7 Reasons to train your staff on mobile in 2022 and beyond.

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