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Solutions by industry

HandyTrain has customers across industries and users across functions, spanning the entire employee lifecycle.

HandyTrain microlearning app

Banking &
Financial Services

Ensure front-line and feet-on-street employees have the regulatory, sales and product knowhow they need, to deliver the highest quality of customer service and expertise it takes to attract and retain customers.

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employee learning and development programs

Goods & Distribution

Your customer-facing employees need to know the specifications and granularities of hundreds, if not thousands of SKUs at any given time. Ensure employees retain what they’ve learnt through graphical learning, pop quizzes and refreshers.

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microlearning mobile apps

Resources & Utilities

Ensure your workforce adheres to the strictest on-site safety practices, remains compliant with regulatory policies, and mitigate risks and accidents. Workers can train when they are onsite, in the field, or in the office.

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soft skill training

Life Sciences &

Boost the confidence of medical reps and give them the edge they need to deliver that perfect sales pitch to medical practitioners and professionals, who are crunched for time. Help them learn and retain high volumes of critical medical information, even as they wait in line to meet the doctor.

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best microlearning apps in India

Travel, Transportation
& Hospitality

Enable your perpetually moving workforce to access training wherever they are and whenever they can. Engage learners remotely through bite-sized videos on crucial topics like customer interaction and service skills.

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Ensure your large, scattered workforce understands the subtle nuances between the complex financial products they are entrusted with selling. Keep them attuned to the latest regulatory guidelines and changes in policies in a matter of minutes.

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mobile app based corporate training


Significantly reduce time to train retail associates on new product launches and promotions, down to the store level. Send highly targeted notifications to all sales floor employees in a matter of seconds.

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corporate training based programs


Employees on the factory floor perform varied roles in dynamic environments. Empower them with the ability to train wherever they are, even without an internet connection. Ensure that your employees meet the stringent set of safety and quality standards and mandates.

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