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Create content without experts

With a real-time preview and a guided authoring tool, content creation is an absolute breeze. Choose from templates and show-off your training program in minutes! Our Machine Learning (ML) engine transforms PowerPoint presentations into mobile-ready content units instantly. And yes, we support SCORM too!

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Drive action with automated communication

Our fire-and-forget campaign manager accelerates program completion by nudging learners through personalized communication at scale. Choose from SMSs, Notifications (which learners can respond to) and Emails and make your messages resonate.

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Track & act instantly

A single-page dashboard lets you know exactly which initiatives are working, which are not and how you can fix them with a few clicks. That’s right, we do the thinking for you. Advanced reports provide you with in-depth insights into 100+ behavioural metrics and served through reports delivered straight to your inbox.

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Go beyond training

Keep employees updated by posting in your very own private feed. Create and distribute a Poll to quickly gauge employee sentiment or run a serious Survey to understand pretty much anything from them. Designed to work at scale, you will find it very easy to capture thousands of responses in no time.

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