How Mobile Learning can help in a Lockdown

As the COVID 19 pandemic continues to sweep across the world, India is facing what the experts call, a ‘second wave’. COVID cases going up in almost every state, has meant that each government has had to declare a lockdown, once again, to curb the spread. Lockdowns usually mean that people could go for days, or weeks, where they don’t get to interact with each other in person. This could lead to a drop in morale as well as productivity. So how do you ensure that you don’t forget about taking care of your own frontline employees? 

Here are a few ways that you can adopt to ensure that your frontline employees stay safe, upbeat and productive while business may be disrupted during this lockdown.

Teach employees new skills

Helping employees learn new skills could motivate them to work harder, be more productive, be happier, and prepared for anything and everything, during the lockdown. Upskilling should be put at the front of the line so that you don’t have to worry about the job being completed efficiently. One of the easiest ways to ensure that employees get upskilled is to use mobile learning to deploy the information they need to know. 

Reduce risks as much as possible

Safety protocols and other rules and regulations have to be the first thing on everyone’s minds during a time like this. The exposure to COVID-19 must be minimized. You need to keep training employees and communicating any changes to the rules, regulations, and safety protocols to them, without delay.

If not done, people could get very sick and companies could get fined. Mobile learning is a great tool to help employees get safely updated on new safety protocols, rules and regulations.

Engage with Employees Regularly

The COVID-19 pandemic has devastated both employees as well as businesses. A lockdown means that most businesses stay shut for an indefinite period. This in turn makes employees worry about how they are going to sustain themselves in the near future. Their morale and productivity drops. 

In order to prevent this, you need to be there for them during the lockdown. Check up on them and give them information that they need. This could be information related to the business or just encouraging messages from management. 

The HandyTrain app has PULSE for this exact purpose. With it, you can share real-time information about what’s happening. Or you could simply connect with your employees by putting up motivational posts or video messages.

Another option is the Topics feature that can be used to start a conversation to either share useful information or to just ask questions on anything related to training. 

Re-induct Employees

First-time employees go through an induction process that introduces them to the company, its management, and how it works. Similarly, when some companies plan to reopen after the lockdown, while their management may not have changed, their processes might have. In such cases, employees will have to be re-inducted.

The quickest and easiest way to get employees trained on the updated processes is to use mobile learning. With mobile learning, they’ll be able to study new topics as well as refresh their previous knowledge quickly and efficiently.


It’s been more than a year of uncertainty thanks to the COVID-19 pandemic. Lockdowns happen constantly and businesses aren’t sure how long they’ll be allowed to operate consistently. 

There is a need for life to go back to normal as once was, and that may never happen. The only thing left then, is to look forward and keep moving. We all need to learn new ways of working and new skills that could benefit us in the future. 

HandyTrain, a frontrunner in the mobile learning industry can help you keep your frontline workforce motivated and engaged, while they learn new skills on their mobile learning app. 

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