LMS (Learning Managerment System) – A Story of Evolution Or Extinction?

LMS: A Story of Evolution Or Extinction

It seems that the discussion around the fate of LMS is starting to get some real attention among the L&D leaders.

While the arguments revolving around the impact a LMS has on a learning space, few are of the opinion that the market for LMS is slow and gradually dying. They also suggested that LMS is not living upto the standards setup for today’s corporate L & D development needs. To throw more light into the situation, we should deeply into the market needs where precisely LMS fits as a solution.

Current Scenario

Although there are a few modern LMSs that are innovating to move forward with the evolving trends, the primary functionalities of LMSs, i.e. delivering, managing and tracking ILT and classroom resources, restrict the LMS as the only solution to have for an L&D.

Adding to this, not only the learners, but also the learning managers are spending more and more time on their mobile phones and are very much open to embrace new technologies. Learners and Learning Managers thus as a whole are willing to accept new technological changes such as Mobile learning systems that cater well to L & D needs. Solutions that offer more freedom to the learners to engage with content, where and when they would like, are getting more and more popular among the L&D circle and is making things even more difficult for the LMS.

The Way Ahead

There are multiple L&D requirements such as user engagement, content authoring, adaptive learning, micro-learning that are addressed by specialised solution providers. These prove to be much more effective and efficient than adopting a typical LMS. Delivery on multiple devices as well as mobile first offerings is also one of the criteria that differentiate these specialised solutions from a traditional one-stop LMS. A simple and elegant solution, with or without an LMS, will always be a better option for solving a specific user need than an LMS that is trying desperately to solve everything and anything.

Whether the LMS providers drastically innovate and evolve to become a hybrid solution that caters to most of the evolving needs or will the L&D leaders accompany LMS with other niche solutions to solve different needs with different best fitting solutions, is something that will be interesting to observe in the coming future. Nonetheless, the LMS industry will have to keep innovating and moving forward to keep itself relevant and to carve a future where the LMS still solves L&D problems.


We at HandyTrain, a mobile first Training Platform, understand the challenges faced in corporate training and learning as a whole. Learning flexibly i.e learning anytime anywhere was a problem that needed to be addressed.  Keeping this in mind, we have designed our solution to make learning an engagement and fun exercise that can happen on the go.  Creating an extremely easy to use learning platform for content creators and learning managers alike.  Following an engaging byte sized technology to fit the learning needs exclusively for learners who prefer to learn and engage over digital media rather than sitting in a classroom, forcefully in some cases.

We have designed our solution for learners who are evolving to embrace the modern learning technologies, over and beyond LMSs and for L&D leaders who are taking quick initiatives to understand that different tools will have their own unique roles to play in solving multiple L&D needs.

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