LMS (Learning Management System) – A Story of Evolution Or Extinction?

lms for corporate employees

The discussions around the fate of LMS seem to have caught the attention of Learning and Development leaders.

While most of these discussions revolve around the positive impact an LMS has on a learning space, some say that that the market for this kind of system is slow and gradually dying. Some have also suggested that it doesn’t live up to the standards set for today’s corporate L&D development needs. Before making any decisions, let’s dive deeper and find out how an LMS can be a solution when it comes to corporate L&D needs.

Current Scenario

When it comes to training the old-fashioned way, it’s no easy feat to keep track of everything. Creating and delivering the right content, tracking learners’ progress, and how effective the training is, becomes extremely difficult to do.

On the other side, people are spending more time on their mobile phones and are quick to embrace new technologies. Therefore, both learners and learning managers are willing to accept new technological changes when it comes to making their training experience an easy and positive one. In that case, it makes sense to invest in a good LMS which offers more freedom to the learners in engaging with content at their own convenience.

The Way Ahead

A really good LMS must have a number of features such as an easy-to-use authoring tool, proper two-way communication, and a social feed for user engagement, a performance tracker, etc. These prove to be much more effective and efficient than using traditional training methods. Delivery on multiple devices as well as mobile-first offerings ensures that learners have immediate access to the training they need.

It will be interesting to see how innovative and evolutionary LMS can become since a lot of organizations already use them and they will need to stay relevant in the future.

HandyTrain – The best LMS in India

We understand the challenges faced in corporate training and learning as a whole. Flexible learning i.e learning anytime and anywhere is a problem that needs to be addressed. Keeping this in mind, we have designed HandyTrain, an easy-to-use LMS to keep learners engaged and make learning on the go, a fun experience. Since this system uses customized bite-sized content, it’s easier for learners who prefer to learn and engage over digital media rather than in a classroom setting.

HandyTrain works well for learners who prefer modern learning technologies and for L&D leaders understand that traditional training methods aren’t always effective or beneficial.

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