Upgrading Conventional Employee Training Methods

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Still using old school ways to train your employees?

Are you still using traditional employee training methods and wasting time with unnecessary training sessions? Have you been using the same tools for years together now? It’s time to introspect and come up with smarter options to train your employees.

Employee Training and Development is an indispensable aspect of an organization. If not done effectively, it can result in a wastage of time and money. Here are some tips to maximize the time employees spend on training yet provide an effective employee training platform that helps you develop your team the RIGHT way!

Know what’s Right

Right Questions: Does the typical employee often ask – What’s in it for me?

Every employee training course you envision has to be in line with what the company wants to imbibe amongst the workforce and also answer the fundamental question that arises in the employee’s mind –

  • What’s in it for me?
  • Would the given content and training help me grow?
  • Will I learn something that will keep me interested in continuing training and look forward to more?

Right Tools: Are you still using the traditional methods of employee training – classroom, in-house, Old LMS systems?

It might be time to cater to the millennia and provide them with the next-gen technologies of mLearning. It makes employee training more flexible as they can choose the time and pace, to go through a course/training. With the advent of mobile-based training platforms, the employees can be trained on the go, any time of the day, and will still be completely monitored and encouraged/motivated.

Right Content: How often do you have control over your content?

With Mobile Learning Platforms, bite-sized learning has become the best and latest trend. Employees no longer want to read tons of data and lose interest in training altogether. Information that fits on a mobile screen, without constant scrolling, has proven to keep employees training for longer durations and yields better results. The authoring tools bundled together can help you to create content from scratch and also tweak it, based on the feedback you receive.

Right Alternatives: Does your training feel quite monotonous?

Training content can’t always be updated every time new employees have to take on training. What you can do is keep looking for newer information that can be added to existing content. That way, employee training can get a fresh look and feel and employees can just look at the content from a different perspective, and then retake their assessments. Or, if they want, they can simply move on to a new course altogether. Continuous Learning Tools enhance the way the content and assessments become adaptive. This keeps your employees on their toes and looking forward to what else is in store for them. Adding things like Gamification adds to the excitement.

Right Results: Have you embraced real-time performance tracking?

The old method of taking learners’ feedback after training no longer works. You don’t know what the employees’ performance is unless you have some means of tracking the same. What you need to do is implement a real-time performance tracker that enables you to track how the employees are faring. Based on this, you can check which training was started and completed, or is still incomplete, what information has been retained, based on assessments, and much more.

Right Feedback: are you able to work on the feedback collected and tune your training accordingly?

Time is of the utmost importance. Timing your surveys and assessments to get proper feedback from employees is as much important as the training itself. If you delay in going through the feedback collected, future employee training could suffer.

Emerging learning trends such as mobile learning, social learning, and gamification allow employees to review the information at their own pace, as well as retain more information. It’s definitely easier to do and more comfortable than sitting in a room with an instructor.

What are you waiting for?

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