Web Based Learning – Everything You Need To Know

HandyTrain's Web Based Learning Tool

HandyTrain started off with one mission – anytime, anywhere, any scale training for corporates. Web Based Learning is a step in that direction, and a giant step for a company as young as us.

We have always tried to stay true to the mantra of “anytime, anywhere, any scale training”. A mobile only approach was a necessary pre-condition to meeting that goal. Especially, given there are 1 billion mobile phone owners in India alone, this seemed right. As we grew, we realised that while it was indeed a necessary condition, it was not a sufficient one!

Enter Web Based Learning

Anywhere learning meant one simple thing – a complete freedom to choose the mode and method of learning. While mobile only made that possible, it also limited all of us to one small screen. Adding one more screen, in this case the browser, meant that all of us can learn in any device of our choice. Additionally, many, if not most of us, are more comfortable reading on a browser. We also spend most of our time working on the web, instead of mobile.

We are very glad to introduce the Application for Web Based Learning. This adds to the dimensions of freedom available to our learners. It also marks a major milestone for us as a product and showcases our core values.

We are committed to our users and are willing to take bold product decisions to help them better.

Advantages of Web Based Learning

The importance of web is not lost on any of us. Mobile phones are indeed penetrating every aspect of our lives, from productivity to communication to business. However, we still do most of our business on the web. Consuming content on the web has continued to get easier and easier. A testament to this fact is the introduction of HTML5, which among other things, added a native video player. This is a clear indication that video consumption on the web is of paramount value.

Adding an interface for web based learning in HandyTrain offers multiple benefits.

First, you can embed a link to the Web Learning Portal in many places including the internal products used by the your organisation. Consider the case of your agents or partners.  They would be using many of your internal tools like CRM or a marketplace. You can now, seamlessly navigate them to HandyTrain to learn the basic how-to’s and nuggets on using your system.

Second, more screen space leads to a better learning experience for many of us. One cannot stress this point more. The browser has hitherto been the de-facto mode of consuming content. Most of us still prefer it, and use mobile only while on-the-move.

Third, an engaging learning on the web can lead to a very rich experience.  Given HandyTrain’s focus on making learning easy and fun, this learning experience is very different from LMS’s. We have at length debated why LMS’s might or might not have a bright future. HandyTrain’s learning experience takes the best from the world of LMS’s and stays away from the risks.

How to Access the Web Application

The learners just need to go to the common login page. Once they log in, the system automatically takes them to the right place. If you are an admin, and have access to the mCMS, click on top right corner called “More Actions”. You can find “Web Based Learning” in the drop down. This will navigate you to the Web App.

The Extra Care We Have Taken

We have been extra-careful on multiple aspects while introducing the Web Based Learning. Few of the things we have particularly cared for are the following. The progress of the users is seamless across the devices. We have ensured that the learning experience is as smooth and elegant as it is in our mobile apps. The Web portal is expected to be extremely engaging, with the reward system getting added to it soon. And finally, the web app is responsive, which means you can also see it in mobile.

A Turning Point

Introducing Web Based Learning is also a key turning point for HandyTrain. This is our first foray out of the mobile learning space and into the web. As far as our product offerings go, this also marks a giant leap. All of the companies in our space, are typically either mobile only, or web only. Some exceptions, typically companies that are 20-50 times larger than us, have products for both spaces, but none who are close to our age and size. This step, effectively, puts us in the league of much larger corporations, and opens up much larger doors. Here’s a heart felt “Thank You” to all the clients and prospects, who have been  with us, and have encouraged us to take this bold step.

You should check this out immediately. If you don’t have access to our product, feel free to give us a shout.