7 reasons to train your employees on mobile!

Why Enterprises are embracing Mobile Training

Spending a lot to train your employees? Looking to slash the training costs by over 90%? With the advent of Mobile Learning, training employees has been a lot easier, cost effective and quicker for enterprises worldwide.            

Let’s learn the reasons behind this shift

1) Cuts cost and time

Instructor-led Training (ILT) sessions require learners and trainers to travel to a central location, stay in hotels, book large meeting rooms, and of course eat meals. These non-core training costs can account for up to 90%[1] of your training expenses. Even after all this, there’s no systematic way to track i

Mobile training with HandyTrain can help you slash those expenses to zilch, as employees open the app and start or resume a training program at their own pace – when they want it and where they want it.

2) Turns unproductive hours into mobile training time

With 24×7 accessibility, employees can train during commutes, breaks or non-peak hours in retail stores or a bank branches, using just their smartphones. In fact, 43% of all learning on HandyTrain happens after office hours and during lunch breaks!

Learners can get themselves trained at any time and in any place. This flexibility enables learners to pick and choose to learn in way that is most effective to their individual schedules.

With continuous, offline access, employees can even sharpen their sales pitch or learn to handle customer objections, while commuting on a customer visit in an Ola or Uber.

3) Serves content that is engaging

Mobile training by HandyTrain boosts retention rates by crunching exhaustive training manuals into bite-sized, easy-to-digest, and entertaining multimedia content. After all, 80% [3] of what one learns is forgotten within 24 hours.

Creating microlearning content on HandyTrain is as easy as Tweeting or publishing a post on Facebook. Our simple yet powerful authoring tool enables you to create engaging content without depending on experts.

4) Tracks progress instantly

HandyTrain tracks over 100 training, assessment and engagement metrics – to help you track progress down to the finest of details. Our advanced reports and charts equip you with real-time, measurable, and insightful metrics to evaluate employee’s progress.

Download reports with a few clicks or schedule important ones to hit your inbox every morning, automatically.

5) Lets them learn at their pace

Not all employees are equally intelligent and may take varied amounts of time to effectively learn the same thing. Mobile training with HandyTrain lets them learn what they want, when they want, at the pace they want.

Craft delightful learning experiences on HandyTrain that almost always result in course completion rates of above 90%, even for non-mandatory programs!

6) Saves trees in a breeze

Yes, we do care about the environment! 6 trees are chopped for every 100 reams of paper [3] that your training material is printed on. Only to be stocked up in the storage rooms of your branch offices. HandyTrain can help you save those trees, one swipe at a time.

7) Keep them in sync with the real world

Whether you need to communicate frequent regulatory changes or ensure learners know the USPs of those 100 new SKUs that just hit the shelves – HandyTrain’s real-time content updating, and publishing tool has you covered!

Create, update and publish fresh content and assessments instantly. Latest policy updates on Know Your Customer (KYC) or Anti-bribery and Corruption (ABC) can now be shared in a matter of minutes, without having to wait for people to gather in classrooms.

It’s not too late to deploy a quick and effective mobile-first learning management system at your organization. Get started by booking a demo here.