HandyTrain Insight – 7 Reasons to Switch to Mobile Training in 2018

Why Enterprises are Switching to Mobile Training in 2018

Spending a lot to train your employees? Looking to slash the training costs by over 85%? With the advent of M Learning, training employees has been a lot easier, cost effective and quicker for enterprises worldwide.            

We give you the core reasons why enterprises should implement mobile training in 2018

Low on Investment:

Corporate Training systems have been expensive and some are still not entirely on the mobile platform. With the large-scale adoption of mobile phones in the recent years and with the option of mobile training, your employees can learn when they want, where the want and hence you get higher training ROI. The training related travel is also a major cost when you have a dispersed team in different locations.

Train Anytime, Anywhere on Your Mobile

Coordinating training programs by having all employees at one place or making your training team travel to multiple locations is cumbersome. With Mobile Training, learners can get themselves trained at any time and any place. There is versatility in undergoing the training, be it in your lunchtime, tea breaks or while you simply commute to work. This flexibility providing through mobile training keeps an employee better aligned to the course, an employee can choose to learn in way that is most effective to his learning, helping him better memorize and implement the concepts taught during the training.

On-the-Job Accessibility:

Traditional training programs have their limitations as the learners are expected to grasp everything in the one program they attend. The Mobile Learning acts as a refresher for the employees to revisit the course on their handheld device and re-learn. The mobile feature also allows employees to discuss on certain topics and get answers on the go, while they can get ready notifications even while they are away from the office desk.

Adapting to Change:

Today’s world is changing everyday and while this change is inevitable, we need to adapt to the changing demands of not just the business but also the key needs of our primary stakeholders – our employees! With mobile accessibility, however, you can respond to changes as soon as they happen, quickly sending your employees the information they need to keep working.

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Get ready to take your team’s learning experience to the next level in 2018 and give your employees the freedom to learn whenever and wherever they want.

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