How To Achieve Over 90% Training Completion

One of the key goals of any training intervention, in any organisation, is to achieve very high training completion rates. This is an important factor to ascertain if the employee training has been beneficial to the organization.  The completion rate is easily among the top 3 metrics for any such program. One of the greatest issues faced by the MOOC industry incumbents like Coursera and Udacity has been low completion rates, revolving around 7%This is also an area, where HandyTrain has had exceptional degree of success in the past. We have had completion rates of over 90%. We have helped clients, being one of the top most employee engagement apps in Asia and were recently included in the elite list of the top 3 products for m learning in the World.

The science of getting user’s attention and specifically, getting them to use a product (or in this case content), is actually very well understood. This is exactly what marketing industry does. The science of marketing is quite mature, in today’s business scenario. Therefore, we find it quite curious, that no one has ever applied this science, to the problem of training completion !

Standing on the Shoulders of Giants

There are six billion-dollar companies that have perfected the art of Marketing Automation! Their solutions are innocuously simple – set a few rules for your users, and send them the right messaging at the right time, depending upon what they do with your product. We looked very closely at the art and science of this. The goals usually are simple – getting a customer to make a purchase. We thought of applying the same science to something we found more meaningful – getting someone to learn something new. Even in the past, HandyTrain has been very effectively targeting and retargeting learners.  We have been getting learners to complete the training programs on behalf of our clients. So far, we have retained the machinery for getting this done, with ourselves. Today, we are opening the doors of the marketer’s playbook – the science that has led us to over 90% training completion.

The Marketer’s Playbook – How HandyTrain Gets 90%+ Training Completion

Understanding users’ behaviour is the cornerstone of the science of marketing. The users always need to be presented with the right message at the right time. Just when you are about to leave a store, the sales person might ask you “Would you like to look at …”.

At HandyTrain, we apply the same rules for learning. Our Learning Engagement Team keeps a track of learners’s activities.

First, we divide the learners into multiple groups, and target them separately. This is classic “segmentation” in marketing-speak. Each segment has different behaviour and different re-targeting needs. Learners get the relevant messages from us, depending upon the segment they fall into.

Secondly, we keep a track of users who achieve certain completion goals. This method of learner segmentation is a little different, and is called cohorts. A cohort is temporal in nature. For example, people who register today are one cohort. We split each cohort, over time, into multiple segments. Learners belong to one cohort and one segment at a time.

Needless to say, all of this requires a lot of work and skill. There are two small but significant problems here. First, most of us are not marketers. Second, most of us have many things to take care of, in addition to ensuring training completion. Would it not be great, to get some help getting this done?

Unleashing the Magic – Campaign Management

HandyTrain’s Campaign Management feature is rich with the science of marketer’s playbook. We have also made it exceptionally simple to use. Basically, the entire process followed by our Learning Engagement team, that has achieved over 90% training completion, has been packaged neatly into one feature. Before we take you through the details, a quick video would show you what we mean.

How to Achieve Over 90% Training Completion

As a training manager, what you need to do is fairly simple. First, you need to decide a few goals for your learners. The available goals are

  1. Start or finish a program
  2. Start or finish a specific module
  3. Finish or pass an assessment

It is strongly advisable to keep the goals consistent. That is to say, if you are targeting program start and completion, do NOT target module start and completion. This will ensure that learners do not get too many messages.

Secondly, choose the days when you want to send the messages. Campaign starts on the “start date” set by you, and runs on subsequent days. Once you set up a start date, you automatically set up the day 0, which is the start date itself. If a campaign is live, and you create a new user, she automatically goes into day 0 of the campaign, irrespective of the start date.

Each day, the learners who have not yet completed the goal, receive messages, depending upon your setting for the day. You can send notifications, emails or SMS’es to the learners.

Thirdly, keep monitoring the achievement of goals by the user. The basic analytics are available in the Campaign’s home page itself. As the campaign proceeds, you will see the learners achieving the goals you set for them.

 How Campaigns Work – Under The Hood

Understanding this section is not mandatory for you to be able to work with campaigns. However,  a deeper understanding will allow you to experiment more effectively.

Behind the scenes, a program runs every hour and checks out the goals you have created. Every single time, it tries to find users who are yet to meet the goals set by you. Once it finds the users who have not yet met the goals set by you, it finds out the day of the campaign for them. As mentioned earlier, users created after the campaign starts, go to Day 0 of the campaign. This means that even if it is Day 4 since you started the campaign, for new users, it is still day 0. Therefore, the program tries to find out, for each user, which day of the campaign they are on. Depending upon the day, it fires off the messages you have set up for them.

Closing Thoughts

In this blog we have outlined our own secret method. Additionally, we have given you a tool to achieve magical training completion rates without our direct help. This is where you can take the ropes in your own hands and check out the Campaigns feature.

If you still do not use HandyTrain, you should seriously check us out.