How to Choose the right Mobile LMS for training in 2021?

Understanding the role of Mobile LMS and its implications on training the workforce.

A mobile Learning Management system (mobile LMS) is understood as a platform that facilitates the trainer, manages and organizes his/her materials, and conducts the training programs seamlessly with ease. A Mobile LMS helps simplify employee training by providing a common location for accessing the training program online and enhancing its content. A Mobile LMS is used extensively by organizations, small and medium enterprises, multinational companies, and similar business establishments alike.

Emphasis must be given to both Education as well as corporate based mobile LMS. In most cases corporations use mobile LMS to create and organize content for training their workforce. But in fulfilling this purpose they must ensure to create a digital learning environment wherein the trainer is educated on the best practices/techniques to be followed.

Essential aspects to consider in general before opting for a Mobile LMS

Understand the background, expertise, and experience of the Mobile LMS Vendor

We need to understand that the LMS market is blooming year by year, and is believed to fetch around $23 billion by 2023. Hence, we need to understand that there are lots of opportunities for vendors to offer and portray their LMS as the best. The clients need to conduct extensive research on each of their vendors before falling prey to their promises.

Understand the needs of your trainees and what are the objectives your company is trying to accomplish. Align these questions with the mobile LMS at hand and check if they are delivering on your queries. Create a spreadsheet of your vendors and keep a note of the features that are essential to your company and the features that you feel would be a bonus. Once your spreadsheet is ready immediately cross out the vendors that do not meet the basic requirements of your company.

  1. Fix a meeting with your vendor and be sure to ask a few questions.
  2. How does your LMS help us meet the training needs of our company?
  3. Are there any features that are unique and helpful for our training needs?
  4. What can be our expectations on the support services provided by your team?
  5. Incase the LMS does not meet our requirement and we terminate the service agreement. What will happen to our data?

Ensure that the features offered match with the current and future needs.

Mobile Learning Management Systems attributed to the corporate sector are expected to continuously evolve and grow at a rapid pace. This means that the features offered today will be improvised tomorrow. There are a lot of trends we need to consider before choosing a mobile LMS that’s ap for employee training but choosing one that meets the training needs of your company is most important.

Ensure that your mobile LMS is flexible to integrate with other systems.

One of the basic necessities of mobile LMS is its ability to integrate and operate with other applications. A mobile LMS that is standalone in nature is limited and may not able to showcase all of its capabilities. Necessary functions such as reporting, training program progress can be achieved only with the integration of two different systems. Mobile LMS’s should be capable of integrating with other applications to provide an enhanced user experience.

A few of these integrations are

  1. User analytics tools (to track the learning of the user)
  2. Social Media Platforms
  3. Gamification (to showcase badges/rewards on completion of certain modules)

Essential features to consider of a Mobile LMS for your training requirements.

Data Driven Tracking and Reporting

Many companies completely embrace data-driven results. Considering this behavior, it is important that you’ll need to ensure that your Mobile LMS offers tracking and reporting features. Reports are a great way to evaluate and understand the learning of your training program. Trainers can gain access to key insights on how engaging & participative their lessons were and if there was a need to refine a certain module/topic. Reporting and Tracking are thus two essential requisites to make your training program more effective and informative.

Appropriate Tools for Evaluation and Assessment.

An important feature every client needs to consider is the assessment and evaluation tools that your mobile LMS must-have. These features are vital because they help your trainers understand how your employees have fared on completion of their training program. In addition, trainers/managers would know if they have absorbed the information and have implemented these tactics at work.

Easy Customization Options

It is better to consider mobile LMS’s that offer easy customization to tweak your training program. The ability to customize will enable the trainer to tweak his training material to make it more engaging and appealing to his trainers.

Course Catalog Feature

Many clients look for the course catalog feature to deploy their employee training programs. With course catalog feature implemented on your mobile LMS. The Trainer is free to create a directory of training programs, make use of efficient search by keyword, date, category, or training module and show/hide training programs to certain employees of their choice.


The Mobile LMS should be able to handle your company’s expansion. As your company expands the LMS, it should be capable enough of delivering training to more trainers and learners alike.

Final Thoughts

It’s high time we need to understand what kind of Mobile LMS would be most suitable for our training needs. It’s indeed a tough process but a rewarding one. Investing time and understanding the aspects, as well as the essential features, play a key role in choosing the right mobile LMS for your company.

We have covered some important aspects and the essential features you need to look out for. Be sure to understand and use them before considering a mobile LMS. We are sure with these points enumerated above; your company would take the right move in choosing the most suitable LMS for your training needs.