Corporate LMS: Learning in the palm of your hand

Corporate Learning and Development has come a long way in the last decade or so. In the past, corporate organizations would hold training sessions in classrooms with actual trainers and spend a lot of time and money to ensure that they had all the materials at their disposal.

Today, all training is done online where these same organizations look towards using what is called a Corporate Learning Management System (Corporate LMS).

So, let’s find out what a Corporate LMS is and how it would help fulfill an organization’s training needs.

What is a Corporate LMS?

Simply put, a Corporate LMS is a system that can create and publish training content needed by a particular organization for its employees to learn with ease.

Such an organization would be able to then offer training on products and services, soft skills, regulatory compliance and other on-boarding information that employees would need to quickly refer to.

What are the benefits of a Corporate LMS?

Structured learning

Time is precious and employees need to complete their training within deadlines, depending on the job at hand, it’s just easier and better to have the information in one place.

Employees get instant access to all the information assigned to them from the Corporate LMS based on their role, in a structured format. Frantically searching for training material in emails for alerts about training sessions is a thing of the past. Additionally, every department from sales and marketing to HR can add relevant programs required for employees to train on, without wasting time. It helps to ensure that any changes to compliance regulations are updated at the earliest. This will also ensure that there isn’t any miscommunication between departments.

It’s Easily Accessible

Until maybe a decade or so ago, organizations had to come up with ways to coordinate training sessions during work hours in such a way that it wouldn’t interfere with daily routines. Not only was this difficult but extremely time-consuming. 

Today, it’s much easier to get employees trained, given that all the necessary training programs can be sourced and then saved in one place. While they are traveling to and from work or commuting to meet a customer, training is easily accessible to them at any time they choose, in the form of microlearning. Training is accessible in bite-sized chunks which helps to keep employees engaged for longer and retain the necessary knowledge properly.

Performance tracking is hassle-free

Traditional training methods didn’t leave much room for being able to evaluate employees easily. Whether an organization had 50 employees or 500, it was difficult to find out any details about what training they had completed, how they fared and so on. More so because this would need to be done individually using pen and paper which was extremely time-consuming.

A Corporate LMS makes employee evaluation much easier since it includes advanced reporting systems which allow their training managers and department heads to keep track of employee training progression. Through this performance tracker, the manager can check for a number of things. These include, which training was started and completed, or is still incomplete, what information has been retained, based on quizzes or special assessments, and much more.

Slash costs and increase RoI

Over the years, as organizations grew, the cost of training employees via classroom sessions became heavy on the organization’s coffers. Trainers were brought in from elsewhere and training material had to be sourced, purchased and then compiled properly. All of this was an expense and one that also put pressure on trainers, managers, and supervisors due to the logistical nightmare each session would mandate.

Today, as employees have the ability to train themselves with easy-to-access training material, at their own pace, the cost of training reduces considerably. At the same time, training programs created using a microlearning format help them invest more time on their training and actually retain what they read. All this ties together to show just how effective training is at a fraction of the original cost.


The business world is fast changing. Technology, business strategies and the way people work are constantly evolving to make way for something new. Traditional training methods no longer have a place in the modern world where organizations and their employees are scattered across the world. 

By using a Corporate LMS, they can bring training and development with all their updates and upgrades into this era. The benefits are innumerable and you are definitely missing out if you or the organization you work with hasn’t started using a system like this.

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