What should you look for in a Corporate Learning App?

Corporate Learning App

Employee training is essential and is an exercise that never stops, whether it’s for a first-time employee or one that has years of experience behind him or her. Training methods, however, have evolved over the years with the emphasis now being put on corporate learning apps for training employees. 

But how do you know what kind of corporate learning app best suits your organization’s training needs? There are so many available in India alone that trying to choose one is a tough decision. Let’s find out what a corporate learning app is and what you need to look out for when choosing one.

What is a Corporate Learning App?

A Corporate Learning App is best described as a system that one uses to design and publish training content, required by a specific organization, for its employees.

By using this system, the organization would be able to then offer training on a number of topics. These would range from products and services, soft skills, regulatory compliance to other onboarding information that employees would need.

Using HandyTrain as an example, let’s find out what must-have features are necessary for a Corporate Learning App to be more desirable and effective for training.

Easy-to-consume content with gamification

Training content can often be heavy and detailed which leaves employees feeling completely overwhelmed. HandyTrain offers content creators the use of flashcards to upload content in bite-sized chunks which make it easier to read and understand. 

Admins can also use Gamification, to break the monotony of constant learning, in the form of short and simple games with incentives such as badges and certificates. 

These kinds of elements are easy to create and access. Including them in a corporate learning app like HandyTrain will ensure that people of any age, working in an organization, are eager to learn more. 

Of course, it’s always important to remember that even if a program is simple, intuitive, and holds the learner’s attention, you should have some kind of feedback to fall back on. HandyTrain has a feedback form that is easily accessible at the end of each training program. It’s proven to be useful in letting admins know how engaging these training programs are and if they need any improvement. 

In turn, it’s made the content developer’s job easier in coming up with customized content for the learners as required. Since just-in-time training is an essential and continuous process for all employees in an organization, there is a real need to ensure that a variety of training topics are always available for perusal. 

Two-way communication

Two-way communication enables admins and learners to communicate with each other and share updates. Admins can also use it to resolve queries that learners may have. The Topics feature in Handytrain encourages this kind of team collaboration in an organized manner. In addition, admins can also send out notifications in the form of SMS or emails to keep learners apprised of everything that is going on.

Social Feed

Keeping learners engaged on a corporate learning app is a continuous job. Learning programs help a great deal but if all the learners do is study, they stop enjoying the experience entirely. HandyTrain’s Pulse features do a great job of helping with this problem. With Pulse, you can share images or videos with interesting information in just a few clicks!


A dashboard in a corporate learning app can give you a snapshot of the different actions you can take within the app. Updating your content, checking and downloading program reports, sending out communications to learners, etc. can all be done from here with ease. You can check out HandyTrain’s dashboard to explore all these options and more.

Surveys and Polls

Surveys and Polls are a good way to know what learners think about training programs that are currently running. They can also be used to find out if there is anything else that the learners want to see on the corporate learning app in the future. Creating surveys and polls in HandyTrain is simple and easily accessible through the Survey option on the dashboard.

Benefits of using a Corporate Learning App

We’ve noted that the above features are essential for a corporate learning app to work efficiently. Let’s also understand the benefits of using such an app and the positive impact they have on training.

  • You can create and deliver training content swiftly and with ease
  • You don’t need outside help to create learning programs therefore making it more economical
  • Being able to create training programs in bite-sized pieces, on a wide range of topics, offers you a lot of flexibility in terms of what content you need to upload
  • As a learner, you would remain more engaged if you’re not reading large amounts of training material. This would create a less stressful environment and help you retain knowledge for longer
  • With a corporate learning app that you can access via your phone, you can train whenever you have time to spare or even on your daily commute to and from work


HandyTrain has been around for a few years now. The corporate learning app has a number of use cases such as Employee Onboarding, Compliance Training, Product Knowledge to name a few, which you can check out through the link mentioned above.


Corporate training for employees using learning apps is gaining speed and going by the benefits listed above, you’d be hard-pressed to find one that fulfills all your training needs. Learn more about HandyTrain’s features and use cases, by taking a quick demo. Click here or email us at [email protected] to get started.