4 Reasons Why Organizations are rapidly adopting Mobile Learning

mobile learning for training employees

Staying relevant in the rapidly evolving digital world means organizations must invest in mobile learning solutions today. After all, it’s no longer simply an emerging trend; it has become the new normal, with most professionals now using mobile devices for business.

Managers and employees in different locations can access and share learning content on their mobile devices. Mobile learning platforms provide a single source of truth, which is accessible across mobile and web platforms. They can be integrated with other enterprise software such as CRM, ERP, HRIS to create customized workplace learning experiences. In addition, mobile learning platforms offer multiple benefits such as increasing workforce productivity, employee engagement, and organizational agility. It is the foundation for building a transformative learning culture that’s collaborative, modernized, and results-driven.

Here are 4 reasons why corporates are quickly making use of mobile learning to train their employees

Mobile Devices are becoming Ubiquitous

Today’s leaders must keep pace with constant changes in technology and their environment. There’s no longer a clear demarcation between work life and personal life. Most people now live, work and learn on their mobile devices. Therefore, it’s only natural that mobile learning has become another extension of their lives. Easy access to the right training content also means they can train anytime and anywhere.

A Cost-effective Solution

Mobile learning is cost-effective for organizations. When you utilize such a platform, you cut down on the expenses incurred by hiring a trainer, paying for their travel arrangements, creating training content, and finally participating in expensive training sessions. Since you get to control and customize what you are creating, there’s also no confusion about the quality of information being deployed.

Workforce Productivity Increases

A key benefit of this method of training is that it offers an increase in workforce productivity. Mobile learning solutions provide the flexibility and accessibility needed for today’s workforce to engage with training content no matter the place or time. Organizations can even ensure that geographically dispersed teams have quick and easy access to quality learning content. This means that the entire workforce stays up to date with changes in the business with a minimum of effort.

An Effective Training Method

Mobile learning provides a better user experience compared to traditional face-to-face training. People are certainly more comfortable going through training on their personal mobile devices rather than a shared laptop or computer. By using a mobile LMS, learners are also encouraged to learn through gamification methods such as digital badges, social collaboration, and the ability to track progress. Current market trends indicate rapid growth in this industry as organizations realize the benefits of this flexible learning approach.

To Sum Up

Mobile learning packs a punch by being cost and time-effective while providing a great degree of convenience to the learner. It continues to be the need of the hour. In fact, more organizations all over India have begun taking it as the way forward for all their training needs.

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