How Can You Leverage Microlearning in Your Organization?

microlearning for training needs

Microlearning has gained popularity in today’s workplace. Whether your employees need to balance their work-life or want to stay ahead of the curve, mobile learning offers many benefits for organizations across the board.

Mobile technology has revolutionized every facet of our lives, from how we conduct business transactions to how we find information on a whim. So why not take advantage of that same technology at work? Let’s start by understanding where exactly you can leverage microlearning in your organization.

Which use cases does microlearning handle perfectly?

Microlearning is a trend that most organizations in India have adopted for their training requirements. However, a few are still hesitant about switching training methods. The reasons for this vary. The great news, however, is that there are a lot of articles on using microlearning content to get the most out of training sessions. Check out some of the critical use cases where you can use it to get great results.

Regulatory Compliance Training

A typical compliance program is designed to ensure that an organization complies with or follows all safety and health regulations. Compliance training is a common instructional technique in many organizations. Compliance topics include KYC, AML, OSHA, POSH, Fire Safety, Health and Safety, etc. The information under each topic is vast leaving the question of how much information is too much. In turn, it also leaves people wondering if microlearning can be used in compliance training. There’s only one answer to this – Yes! 

Microlearning has been found to be a highly effective and efficient way for every employee to complete the necessary training required in order to comply with safety and health regulations.

Of course, there are many other ways that it can be used in compliance training as well.

One of these ways would be by having employees take their safety and health training during their break or lunch hour. If time is a constraint, they can also take this training on the move. 

Employee Onboarding

Employee onboarding is another major part of every organization. Instead of having a regular orientation session, a company can use microlearning so that they can have employees take a more active role in their training and get more out of it. Microlearning ensures that the onboarding process happens even faster.

For example, ensuring that employees are familiar with all the HR policies from the beginning itself. If they train on these soon after they join, they will be in a better position to talk to the HR department should they need to urgently.

Sales and Product Training

One of the most common ways that companies are using mobile learning is for sales training. Most salespeople don’t have the time to sit down and go through an entire session on sales training considering they are constantly on the move. It’s much easier to use microlearning and train on a mobile device. This makes training flexible and there’s no strict time frame, which are some of the benefits of using this method. This actually serves a two-fold purpose – 1 – the supervisor will be able to create the right training content and 2 – the employees will be up to date on what they need to know to do their job efficiently and productively.

In Conclusion

We’ve shown you just a few but important use cases where microlearning has proven its worth. Mobile training offers an extremely hands-on approach for becoming more efficient at your job. It’s a great way to lower turnover and also get maximum returns on investment. 

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