L&D teams are saving 90% of their time using HandyTrain’s AI content suite.

How organizations create and deliver training content

According to BBC Worklife, 30 million PowerPoint presentations are created every day. It is the de-facto platform of choice for training teams to create, store and deliver content. However, in the absence of a learning instructor, the content by itself tends to be uninspiring and tedious for the learners to grasp and retain.

In today’s digital age, microlearning content is king. It chunks information intro bite-sized cards with layers of interactivity and engagement to make learning delightful and fun. The more microlearning you have, the better, but at what cost?

As an L&D leader it can be difficult to create enough engaging, high-quality microlearning content without spending all of your time on it.

That’s where HandyTrain’s AI-powered content suite comes in!

Introducing Smart Import

Designed to save time, effort and money, HandyTrain’s breakthrough solution Smart Import leverages Artificial Intelligence (AI) to instantly convert PowerPoint presentations and Word documents into editable microlearning cards with a few clicks.

Admins can then easily add interactive elements such as quiz questions, voiceovers, links and interactive videos – to reinforce the concepts explained. It’s easier than ever before to create quality microlearning content that boosts engagement and completion rates.

How much time will I save?

According to our early customers, L&D teams are saving 90%+ of their time per program by using HandyTrain’s AI-powered content suite.

We didn’t stop just there. We took it a few notches higher!

Images served on a platter: We are not just transforming presentations and documents. The AI content suite also analyzes your text and finds high quality contextual images from a library of millions of stock photos so you don’t have to do it yourself!

We’re making it super easy to create visually appealing microlearning cards without having to switch tabs in your browser. No more spending hours finding relevant images, cropping them and adding to your content.

Summarizing Word documents: True to the microlearning philosophy, our AI content suite utilizes Natural Language Processing (NLP) to automatically summarize long-form training material into meaningful summaries.

What’s not to love about AI-powered content creation? HandyTrain is a complete microlearning suite that provides you with the tools you need for creating interactive and engaging programs without having to depend on specialists.

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