Benefits of a built-in Survey option in a Corporate LMS

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Every organization in the business world must ensure that its employees undergo training in order to gain skills and knowledge to do their jobs effectively. Therefore, a whole lot of effort is put into creating the right kind of training programs to put these employees on the right path. Now, we know that today’s training methods have evolved with the digital age. The old-school method of training employees does not work. It’s not feasible with the kind of workload most employees have and tracking performance as well as feedback on training is almost impossible. Most organizations use a corporate LMS to train their employees. So how do you gather proper feedback from training through the app? You make sure that the app you’re using has a built-in Survey option. And here’s why.

Benefits of a built-in Survey option in your Corporate LMS

It helps you create customized questions and responses

Let’s face it. Creating survey questions and responses from scratch is time-consuming. An organization may have a large no. of training programs created. It’s not easy to get feedback on all of them if you have to create specific questions for each of these. Here’s where an existing built-in survey tool can help decrease your workload. Having special templates that can be customized for questions and responses related to your training program would definitely help.

You can collect data in a timely manner

One of the best things about having an in-built Survey tool in a corporate LMS is that you can ensure that feedback is collected within a scheduled time frame. For example, you’ve had employees go through a particular training module and now need to know their thoughts. So you create a survey using the existing templates and set it to be answered within the next 30 days. How does it help? Well, two things will happen. One, you’ll be able to get actionable insights that you can use for training programs going forward. Two, you’ll have accurate metrics in hand which allows you to gather Big Data on time.

Use it to develop surveys that can help employees be more productive

It’s necessary to create a survey or questionnaire and attach it to each training program. You can personalize the templates in the corporate LMS to achieve the desired results. For example, create surveys for employees in different departments or job roles. You’ll be able to collect information that will help you determine how to further proceed with training these employees. Ultimately, once they get more personalized training they’ll be able to do their jobs more efficiently and productively.

Encourage users to get onboard the corporate LMS

An in-built Survey tool in corporate LMS can be used to create and assign surveys to specific employees. You can send surveys to those employees that have never used a corporate LMS but need training. Or you can target those employees that have downloaded the corporate LMS app but aren’t very active. For those employees that regularly log in, you have the opportunity to ask them about their experiences and give them the option to tell you what kind of information and training they would like to go through, if not already done before. Additionally, you may also use surveys to find out about the employees’ learning experience and how best you can improve it for them.

Check out HandyTrain’s Survey option

HandyTrain is a corporate LMS that’s been around for almost a decade now. Along with some pretty awesome features for content creation, a great performance tracking system, and regular updates, the app also features an easy-to-use built-in Survey tool. Organizations in a number of industries such as retail, banking, manufacturing, etc. use HandyTrain to create training content as well as surveys to keep a check on their employees’ learning journey.

Visit the HandyTrain website, or get in touch with us at [email protected] to find out how more. You can also schedule a demo to learn how you can create surveys too!