Can Mobile Learning deliver Effective Healthcare Training?

mobile learning in healthcare

One industry that faces a lot of challenges when it comes to training is the healthcare industry. Constant changes in research and development lead to newer and better practices which means that training needs to happen quicker. Healthcare professionals cannot use traditional training methods given that they do not have time to sit down and train with all that they have going on. The good news? Mobile learning can easily help to overcome these challenges.

Mobile learning is revolutionizing the way we train. With it, healthcare providers and individuals in the medical field can avail of more training programs to learn and perfect their skills on the go.

How does mobile learning benefit the healthcare industry?

Healthcare professionals are in a constant battle to stay on top of medical information, medical devices, and medical treatments. There’s a lot of new medical knowledge coming out every year. This makes it difficult for healthcare providers to keep up with the latest developments. Additionally, the healthcare sector has a lot of regulations in place to keep it running smoothly. There may be changes in these regulations making it necessary for professionals in the field to undergo regular, mandatory compliance training just to be able to meet industry requirements.

Here’s where mobile learning comes in. This technology has revolutionized the way we train healthcare professionals by providing them with quick, convenient access to training materials when they need it most.

Mobile learning offers an easy way for healthcare providers to learn more about their fields. They can also easily learn about new developments in research upgrades in technology for any medical equipment they use. Using a mobile device allows them to do this at any time or place without having to wait for that next formal meeting or classroom session. In addition, the fact that there’s no need for classroom sessions also helps to cut down on costs. After all, attendees who have smartphones or even tablets can make use of these to actually train.

Is there evidence showing where mobile learning has helped healthcare professionals?

Of course, there is and you may still ask how we can say this. Allow us to explain.

India has a number of pathology lab and diagnostic center organizations that work around the clock to test patients’ blood and provide them with the results at the earliest. Once done, their respective doctors can take a look at the test results and offer much-needed medical assistance.

At least two of these organizations have made use of mobile learning, through HandyTrain, a mobile LMS to deliver all kinds of training to their phlebotomists and lab technicians. Training content has ranged from instructions on how to draw blood, to how to test it properly, collecting other body fluid samples, etc. Even when COVID-19 brought the world to its knees, these kinds of professionals had to quickly undergo refresher training on how to handle testing and equipment. Learning how to put on and take off Personal Protection Equipment (or PPE) was a breeze.

Need more convincing?

Mobile learning has become a great tool for deploying training. A lot of organizations in different industries use it for different training purposes and use cases. However, not everyone is convinced. If you’re among those people, we invite you to experience HandyTrain for yourself and see how it can actually help you train your employees in this sector with ease.

Book a quick demo to take a tour of the HandyTrain app. If you still have questions after that, you can get email us at [email protected]. Hurry and get in touch!