4 Types of Compliance Training in Corporate Learning

compliance training in corporate learning

Compliance training is mandatory for every organization and consists of rules, regulations, and laws across industries which help them function smoothly. That means employers need to ensure that their employees undergo regular training on compliance topics. So let’s take a look at the topics that must be covered under compliance training in corporate learning. But before we do that, let’s find out what are the objectives of compliance training.

Objectives of Compliance Training in Corporate Learning

There are three objectives that compliance training must achieve.

  • Reduce risks
  • Keep employees updated on all rules, regulations, and laws regularly, and in case there are amendments
  • Protect both employees as well as their customers

Therefore, compliance training courses in corporate learning should:

  • Ensure that employees know what their responsibilities are
  • Explain the mandatory laws and policies and how to uphold them
  • Create better workplace environments
  • Maintain continuous safety and security
  • Safeguard the organization from legal liabilities

When creating compliance training, each training course must focus on meeting all these requirements.

Now, we know compliance training is completely unavoidable. Compliance topics that must be covered in corporate learning include national and state laws, company-specific policies, ethics, and workplace discrimination. So let’s see what types of compliance training in corporate learning help to make employees compliant.

1. Ethics Compliance

Employees aren’t just bound to their work by legal requirements. They need to behave ethically as well. One needs to know how to behave in certain situations such as avoiding conflicts of interest and creating a respectful environment in the office. They also need to know how to handle finances correctly and comply with laws and regulations that apply to the industry or organization.

This compliance training is a real necessity when it comes to corporate learning. You have to teach your employees what’s acceptable and what’s not and how to deal with ethical issues if it comes down to them. Especially because violations and scandals can incur heavy fines and ruin your organization’s reputation in the business world.

2. Health and Safety Compliance

One of the first things questions a new employee will ask is, “how safe is my work environment?”. You can’t deny that all employees need and deserve a safe work environment. Once the work environment is declared safe, accidents are less likely to occur. Not just that, there’s no wastage of time, productivity, or money. Health and Safety compliance training in corporate learning ensures that all of these are avoided entirely.

Of course, not everyone works in a corporate office. A lot of people have jobs that involve a lot of physical risks. In fact, people that work in laboratories, factories, and even construction sites run the risk of having major accidents and getting injured or dying. Therefore, these kinds of employees undergo the correct, mandated training so that they do their jobs responsibly.

3. Data and Cybersecurity Compliance

Every organization handles sensitive and important data as well as people’s personal information in some form or the other. There is an urgent need to protect this data at any cost and there are laws and regulations on how one must protect it. Employees that handle sensitive data need to undergo constant training to be aware of the dangers to it, attacks and breaches that could happen, and how to combat them efficiently. Data and Cybersecurity compliance in corporate learning trains employees how to identify and prevent or combat information security threats.

4. Anti-Harassment Compliance

Like we mentioned earlier, everyone wants to feel safe in their work environment. That doesn’t only cover the physical risks that employees face but the mental and emotional ones as well due to possible harassment. Even in this day and age, a lot of employees still face harassment in some form or another while on the job. Therefore, it’s essential to train employees on acceptable workplace behavior. It also ensures that they understand what could happen if they do not comply with the rules and regulations and policies put in place. Anti Harassment compliance training in corporate learning takes care of all of this with ease.

Complete compliance training in corporate learning via HandyTrain

Whether an organization is at its infancy stage or 5 years old or more, compliance training in corporate learning is absolutely essential. In fact, a lot of organizations in India have discarded traditional training methods in favor of mobile learning. For some, using HandyTrain to deploy their compliance training, and other use cases has worked wonders.

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