4 Tips for Creating an Effective Mobile Learning Strategy

effective mobile learning strategy

We know mobile learning is the future. Today, everyone uses their smartphones or tablets to look for information on all sorts of topics at their own convenience. In fact, since mobile devices are so convenient, corporate organizations have also transitioned to using mobile learning to train their employees. However, while mobile learning is a great way to get the job done, a lot of work goes into creating proper strategies so that training programs are effective.

A few tips on how to create an effective mobile learning strategy

1. Make an effort to learn who your learners are

Before you start creating training programs, you need to know who exactly you’re creating these for. What kind of information do they really need? Do you need to create something fresh or do they already have some knowledge of a particular topic already? Have they undergone mobile training before or will it be a brand new experience? You need inputs from them as to what they want to get out of their training and how much time they will be able to devote to it. One of the easiest and quickest ways to get all this information is through the survey feature on the mobile learning app.

2. Create engaging and attention-grabbing content

Here’s why this is important. It’s easy to get distracted to a certain extent. Whether employee training happens in a classroom setting or even online, no one is 100% focused on what’s going on right then and there. There are times when the training material is also heavy and full of technical terms, in some cases, making it completely uninteresting. Therefore it is imperative to make the training content concise, engaging, and impactful so that the employees actually go through it and retain the information properly. That way, they can apply it to real-world situations whenever and wherever necessary.

3. Use tracking data to improve the mobile learning experience

Creating a great mobile learning strategy is not easy. Even if you create content, there’s no guarantee that learners will take to it or even read and retain the information. Or the training program and attached assessment
might be difficult to go through, with just a small percentage having completed it. In that case, you would need to check the tracking data to see where the content needs to be reworked and improved to raise the completion rate. On the other hand, you might have cases where a large number of employees have completed multiple programs. In those cases, the tracking data can help you understand what kind of training the employees need. From there you can create additional content that will actually benefit the employees and avoid wasting time on irrelevant information.

4. Recycle existing training content and make it mobile friendly

Corporate organizations have a lot of topics that they need to train their employees on. These training topics are often vast and therefore cannot be directly uploaded to the mobile learning app. You need to repurpose your training content carefully, turn it into bite-sized pieces of information and make it easy for the employees to understand and take in. Remember that they will be accessing training programs on the go. They won’t have time to go through lengthy training programs. You need to take all of this into consideration and create content accordingly.


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