How is Mobile Training beneficial to the Hospitality Industry?

Mobile training in the hospitality industry

The hospitality industry is an extremely competitive one. Whether it’s a small family-owned establishment or an international chain, as a restaurant or hotel, the main aim is the same: to ensure that all customers have a fantastic experience. Therefore it is of paramount importance that every employee in the industry is trained properly from the start and continues to improve and enhance their skills in order to do their job properly and efficiently. Mobile training can help. But why is there such an increasing need for training in the hospitality industry? Let’s find out.

Why should the hospitality industry get on board with mobile training?

Hospitality industry employees work long hours, sometimes in shifts, making training a real task. There is often no time to actually sit down and go through the relevant training material or even watch related videos. That means traditional training methods are definitely a no-go. Mobile training is not only more feasible, it’s also cost-effective, not at all time-consuming, and really easy to use.

Now, here’s why there’s a real need for it in the industry.

What happens if customers are unhappy?

Customers are the hospitality industry’s bread and butter. As an owner or manager of any kind of hospitality business, the main focus is keeping customers happy and coming back regularly to sample your products and/ or services. These days, everyone practically lives on the internet and can give out reviews, positive or negative, literally at the tap of a few buttons. If the review is negative, not only can it damage your reputation but you end up losing long-standing customers. Considering that it’s easier to hold on to existing customers than it is to attract new ones, it makes sense to train employees to offer the best service possible.

How is mobile training beneficial to the hospitality industry?

There’s so much to learn about how the hospitality industry works. Not to mention, employees need to also develop skills in order to deal with customers. All of this information needs to be made more concise so that those undergoing the training, learn what they need to and aren’t overwhelmed and nervous.

Mobile training can truly be a godsend when it comes to helping train hospitality employees. Here’s why:

1. It leads to better cooperation and communication

Hospitality staff in any kind of establishment are seen as individual units. Therefore, the kind of service or treatment that both colleagues and customers receive can make or break the establishment. That’s why training is important. Employees need to be trained not just on service but on how they deal with colleagues and customers, given the diversity that exists in the hospitality industry. It’s easy to utilize mobile training to create different training programs on this kind of topic. They can then easily access these from a smartphone or tablet during their breaks.

2. Opportunities increase for those looking to climb the ranks

Training employees increases the chance of finding potential managers. Not every employee is content to remain at the bottom level. After all, they all have a strong desire to earn better. Training courses, including refresher training, make it easier to find those with talent, aptitude, and a thirst for knowledge. In turn, all of this can be honed and help them advance in their jobs and careers. Mobile training is the perfect way to do this. There’s a ton of information that can be compiled, customized, and restructured into a more concise format. Once done, it can all be uploaded to a mobile training app, designed for this very purpose, and made accessible to those that need to undergo training.

3. Employee retention becomes easier

Employee retention is a real challenge in the hospitality industry. It truly is a task to hire and train new people every few days, weeks, or even months. More often than not, training different hires on different processes or in different departments becomes necessary. Management may require to bring in trainers from outside which is definitely an additional expense. On top of that, new employees need to get used to the work after going through the necessary training. All of this is avoidable. One can simply use mobile training to give employees the information they need to do their jobs efficiently. It’s easily accessible via mobile devices, after all.

Mobile training programs can also be monitored through a reporting system. Managers can then come to know who the high performers are. They can also check which employees need more incentives and help them accordingly. Employees that receive praise for completing mandatory training and doing their jobs well tend to be happy, satisfied, long-term employees.

4. Training improves problem-solving skills

There’s a lot that can go wrong in the hospitality industry. Therefore, employees need to stay on top of things and resolve problems quickly and efficiently at their respective establishments. This is the only way that guests have a happy and pleasant experience. Therefore, regular training, whether the information is new or is refresher training, needs to happen. It shows that the management want guests to keep visiting and continuing to eat in their restaurants and stay in their hotels. Mobile training can be utilized on a regular basis for this kind of training. Employees can go through the necessary training on their own time, with completion deadlines in place.

5. Safety and Security training is easy to do

Safety and security are something that all hospitality establishments need to take very seriously. From maintaining all equipment used, properly, to ensuring that every employee knows what to do in case of an emergency.

Every employee in the hospitality industry should not just know how to calm guests down and lead them to safety but they should also know how to administer basic first aid if required. They also need training on executing evacuation plans in case of natural disasters or other large-scale events. Besides undergoing physical training for cases, it’s always helpful to have some kind of manual with information written down. Management can create and upload such mobile training courses and of course, ensure that they are taken on a regular basis. It will help employees learn how to handle themselves as well as guests in such situations.

HandyTrain and the Hospitality Industry

Companies in various industries across the country have utilized the HandyTrain mobile training app to deploy all kinds of training. Therefore, there’s no better time than the present, for the hospitality industry to get on board too! So, if you own or manage a hospitality business and need to train your employees more efficiently, get in touch with us now! You can book a quick demo or email us at [email protected]. We look forward to hearing from you soon!